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Meet The Team




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Creative Director

A producer, songwriter, engineer, musician, mentor and inclusion advocate, Lisa is an endorsee of YSL-Pro and an alumni of Music Publishers Canada 2018 Women In The Studio. 2022 highlights include working on Alysha Brilla's new album Circle, collaborating with Polaris nominated/Juno-winning producer-songwriter Lantz (Charmaine, Jazz Cartier) and launching an artist development program for next generation artists. Ground-breaking inclusion initiatives include H.E.R. studio production workshops and Canada's first-ever gender inclusive producer panel. 

Technical Director

Already acclaimed as part of the new generation of Toronto’s most sought-after professional audio engineers and producers, Beau Cassidy (they/them, he/him) is a leader in setting the standard for a new generation of music and audio experts. Beau works as an independent contractor for Bedtracks, Venus Fest and for Universal Music’s 80A Studios and a variety of musical artists and clients. Beau’s production style is a mix of uptempo pop-electronic and punk/emo-influenced indie.

Venue Lead

MOUR is a Toronto-based pop/hip hop producer heavily influenced by the dark hip hop era of the mid 2010s. Mour has been recognized by members of the Toronto community as an uplifting, talented producer, and she is proud to be standing out as an LGBT female in a male-dominated space. 

Outreach Coordinator

Vanessa is the singer, songwriter, keytarist and co-producer in Goodnight Sunrise, a kicka$$ Toronto rock band. She designed and presented a groundbreaking discussion panel for CMW 2022, "Walking the Walk": The Path to Allyship in which she asked a panel of music industry men to discuss being an ally. In addition to shredding the gnar, Vanessa loves writing songs with pals, reading Tarot, smashing glass ceilings, and making fancy mocktails in even fancier glasses.

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