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A "Listening Party" is traditionally a gathering of colleagues and friends for the shared experience of listening & reacting in real time to a new recording. It offers creators a chance to announce and celebrate new work, receive immediate feedback, build excitement around the project and raise awareness of all the individuals involved.


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This event series is designed for creators, industry, music fans and general public to gather in an informal club setting to enjoy a curated playlist of established and rising talent - all genres & both mastered releases & demos. 

Our focus is on featuring under-represented producers however as a truly inclusive initiative all are welcome to attend and enjoy!

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Awareness is the first step to increasing the professional work opportunities and collaborations that boost careers. You can't hire a producer you don't know exists.


The series aims to also raise the profile of all the talent involved in making a great record: engineers, musicians, singers, lyricists, rappers, studios.

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Numbers don't lie.

According to the 2020 USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative report:


  • Ratio of male to female producers across 500 popular songs: 37 to 1.

  • 8 of 1,093 producing credits went to women of colour.

  • Producers working in music: 97.4% male 2.6% female.

CARAS/Junos 2022 reported highest ever number of Canadian female, BIPOC and independent talent recognized with Juno nominations and wins. The surge is real but so are the continued hurdles. We are responding to the strong demand to build on current momentum and further move the needle.

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